Zodiac Development to debut its second project at New Capital

Company managed to sell 80% of Mizar project, says Hassan Hassanein

We aim to expand in New Capital to support the state’s urban plans


Company provides an innovative marketing and sales plan for the project, says Mohamed Hefnawy

Zodiac Development, one of the leading real estate development companies, is preparing to launch its second project in the New Administrative Capital as part of its plans to expand investment in Egyptian market.

Hassan Hassanein, chairman of Zodiac Development, said that the company aims to direct more investments into Egyptian market by launching a number of new projects in 2022 to support of the state’s plans and efforts for urban expansion and inauguration of fourth-generation cities.

Hassanein added that the company achieved great success in its first project, Mizar, in the New Capital, and sold out 80% of the project’s units within a short period, and the remaining 20% of the project’s units will be preserved to be offered by the company on rental system in the coming period.

He added that the Mizar project is located in the most prestigious areas of the Downtown, over 2,650 sqm and with 16,500 sqm built up area, comprising commercial, administrative, medical units. Furthermore, it consists of ground and 12 floors .

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He pointed out that the New Capital is at the forefront of investment destinations in the Middle East and enjoys very promising investment opportunities, especially with the start of the government to move to its new headquarters in government district at the New Capital.

For his part, Zodiac Development CCO Ahmed Fares said that the new project will be in the most distinguished areas of the Downtown. It comprises commercial, administrative, and medical properties .

Fares added that it is scheduled to offer the project for sale in the first quarter of 2022.

He noted that Zodiac chose the location of the new project very carefully after extensive studies for the future of investment in the region, pointed out that the Downtown area is the best investment in the New Capital, and will witness abnormal activity during the new year.

He explained that the start of the government’s move to its new headquarters in the New Capital will lead to an increase in demand for commercial, administrative and service properties to meet needs of the capital’s new tenants and residents.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Hefnawy senior digital marketing at Zodiac Development, stated that the company is preparing a distinctive marketing and sales plan for the new project that meets desires and aspirations of various segments of the Egyptian market, and is compatible with clients purchasing capabilities.

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Hefnawy pointed out that Zodiac is entering the competition race in the New Capital market by offering various payment plans, with innovative and unconventional product.

The company is always keen on achieving the highest returns for customers and seizing investment opportunities in the market, he concluded.

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