ust Development to launch «Legacy Business complex» in the New Capital at investments of 500 million pounds


Just Development intends to launch «Legacy Business complex» in the New Capital at investments of 500 million pounds.

Chairman of Just Development Usama Gomaa, said “Legacy Business complex” is located in the Downtown area, on an area of ​​3,000sqm, includes a ground floor and 10-storey with commercial, medical and administrative activities.

The project overlooks a main square and two distinct streets, one 50 meters wide and the other 40 meters wide, and a pedestrian street.

Usama Gomaa added, that the floor space in “Legacy” is estimated at about 900 meters. The ground and first floor includes commercial units, the second floor is administrative, and from the third to the sixth is medical, and the rest of the administrative roles, pointing out that the commercial spaces range from 20 meters to 109 meters, And the administrative unit from 24 meters to 67 meters, adding that the administrative and medical units are fully finished with air conditioning. The project also took into account modern requirements, as clinics are finished with anti-bacterial paints.

He pointed out that the design of the building took into account the optimal use of spaces, in addition to the application of the highest quality standards in smart construction. The building also includes open spaces and distinctive facades for all units, as well as 4 elevators.

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Gomaa added that the new administrative capital is on a date with the government moving soon, which will contribute to increasing the investment value of the various projects, adding that the start of the capital’s operation and the government’s work also increases the demand for commercial and administrative projects, as malls and administrative buildings will start working, which will contribute to increasing their price value.

He stressed that the diversity of the projects offered within the Down Town area makes customers push developers to provide different products that achieve a return on investment and facilities that are compatible with purchasing capabilities, and each developer is looking for new attractions that give his project competitive advantages over the offer, especially in the same activity.


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