La Verde Developments, Pillars Constructions contract to build 2nd phase of La Verde New Capital project


The company contracted with Pillars Constructions due to its strong previous work and using the highest quality and the latest technologies, says Ibrahim Lashin

Company has managed in completing 80% of construction works of villas phase inside the project, says Naglaa Tahoun

We work according to the highest modern standards for development and review of designs through BIM programmes, says Mohamed Abdallah

La Verde Developments, one of the leading real estate development companies, announced the contract with Pillars Constructions to build the second phase of La Verde New Capital project in the most prestigious areas of the New Administrative Capital (NAC).

The contract was signed by Eng. Ibrahim Lashin, Chairman of La Verde Developments and Eng. Mohamed Abdallah, Chairman of Pillars Constructions.

According to the contract, Pillars Constructions is responsible for the construction work of the second phase of the La Verde New Capital project.

Eng. Ibrahim Lashin, Chairman of La Verde Developments, said that the contract with Pillars Constructions comes within the company’s plans to contract with major companies specialized in Egyptian market to develop the company’s projects according to the highest quality standards and the latest technologies globally and locally.

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La Verde New Capital project is located on 35 feddans in the most distinguished area in the NAC’s R8.

Lashin stressed that his company has contracted with Pillars Constructions because it is one of the largest contracting companies in the Egyptian market and has a strong business record, added that the contract consistent with the company’s plan to deliver the project on time and in line with the state’s directions to quick develop the New Capital.

He added that La Verde has placed the construction of its projects at the top of its priorities, according to its timetables, as a commitment to deliver projects before the specified dates, in support of the mutual trust between the company and its customers.

Similarly, Naglaa Tahoun, Vice Chairman La Verde Developments, said that the company has a specific strategy in cooperation with successful and distinguished companies, each company in its field, especially in the delicate technical work of the project, which requires strong expertise from its implementers.

Tahoun added, “The company is doubling its efforts to develop its projects with the highest possible quality and in accordance with international specifications and standards, to provide a distinctive real estate product that meets all aspirations of citizens, and in keeping with the state plans to accomplish its comprehensive urban plan.”

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Tahoun revealed the executive position of the La Verde New Capital compound, stated that 80% of villas construction in the project had been completed as a first phase.

It is scheduled to complete the project constructions and start delivering its units in the beginning of 2023 according to the established schedule, she disclosed.

She further confirmed the importance of highlighting tremendous development in construction and executive works of the New Administrative Capital projects to attract more local and foreign investments to the Egyptian market, pointed out that the company aims to strengthen its presence in the city.

For his part, Mohamed Abdallah, Chairman Pillars Constructions, said, “The two companies are proud to contract together which would increase the level of real estate experience in Egypt. Pillars Constructions provides integrated engineering and construction services at the highest level of efficiency and expertise, as it uses the highest modern technologies in re-designing projects to ensure safety of construction through BIM programmes, which help all sections of technical office work on one model to avoid any error rate.”

He explained that the company has a strong business record of more than 100 projects, whether in medical, residential, administrative, commercial, and industrial properties. Pillars aims to provide the highest level of efficiency in planning and construction to serve its customers in addition to integrated engineering services for design and implementation of electromechanical works besides landscaping and land planning, as well as internal and external finishing works.

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Abdallah added, “Pillars works in a number of national and giant projects, including the Egyptian Space Agency project in the NAC, the Senate’s finishing project in the New Capital, as well as the NAC’s Japanese school. Furthermore, raising the efficiency and development of El Qasr El Ainy Hospital, executing interior finishes for 500 500 Cancer Hospital, the largest oncology hospital in the world, in addition to, a project to raise the efficiency and develop 6th of October Panorama as well as Tolip North Coast Hotel and others.”

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