Egypt’s “Adler’s Real Estate Consultancy” offers innovative solutions for restructuring real estate companies



Cairo-based Adler’s Real Estate Consultancy is planning to enter the Egyptian real estate market with European expertise to provide innovative solutions for corporate management, restructuring and marketing projects, based on modern technical methods help real estate companies to achieve their goals, in addition to help customers to choose a suitable property with technical specifications. It focuses on the design, comfort and luxury in cooperation with a group of qualified real estate consultants.

Eng. Mahmoud Amer, Chairman of Adler’s Real Estate Consultancy, said the company’s activity depends on three main axes, corporate restructuring, exhibition organization, and marketing, adding that Adler’s helps companies that are struggling in management or unable to Achieving its profits and targets, by preparing a marketing strategy, and re-employing cadres.

Amer had worked in engineering, real estate and consultancy in Europe and the Gulf countries for many years, which informed him of different methods of management and marketing that would make a breakthrough in the way companies work and change management methods for more flexible and professional systems.

Amer added that Adler’s Real Estate Consultancy is planning to organise exhibitions, starting from Dubai to target the international client, who may find it difficult to communicate with real estate companies.

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He confirmed that Adler’s is planning to facilitate communication between clients abroad and real estate development companies in Egypt, pointing out that the first exhibition is scheduled to be held in Dubai by the end of this year, and planning to be an annual event.

Adler’s is considering holding its real estate exhibition in different countries annually to reach the largest base of customers, Amer said.


Amer said the company relies on innovative and different methods of marketing for projects, unlike the traditional methods, which focus only on location and payment methods, noting that Adler’s focuses on the technical aspects that distinguish the project from others, which are necessarily reflected on customer convenience.

He added Adler’s Real Estate Consultancy, in its role as a real estate consultant, is concerned with the technical aspects of the project such as elevators, their number and capabilities, garages, good design, and other techniques that affect the customer’s comfort.

He pointed out that his company aims to market the projects in the New Administrative Capital, Fifth Settlement, Galala and the North Coast, adding that the company has succeeded in cooperating with developers in the New Administrative Capital, especially in commercial and administrative projects in the Central Business District and Down Town.

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Adler’s Real Estate Consultancy is planning to establish a training center to qualify workers in the real estate sector and enhance their skills to graduate professional real estate consultants.

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