Dubai Developments signed a contract with Etqan” as a financial and marketing consultant for its projects

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Eng. Abd El Fattah AL Murr: our target to contract with major consulting companies locally and internationally


Dubai Developments, one of the major real estate development companies, has contracted with “Etqan” for financial and marketing Business Consultancy, a financial and marketing consultant, to support the company’s expansion plans in the Egyptian market and pump more investments in the New Administrative Capital.

Eng. Abd El Fattah AL Murr Dubai Developments Chairman, signed the contract with Bassem El Sherbiny, Etqan CEO for Financial and Marketing Consultations.

AL Murr said that contracting with Etqan comes within the framework of the company’s strategy to contract with major local and international consulting companies, and to seek the assistance of distinguished competencies and expertise in the Egyptian market.

Al-Murr revealed that the company also contracted with the MTA company,  Engineer Mohamed Talaat consulting office, to work on the engineering and construction designs for “OBSIDIER” project, the company also contracted with Business Concierge to manage the administrative part and “Mission 235” company to manage shops, which is one of the largest consulting companies and renting commercial buildings.

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“OBSIDIER” is commercial, administrative, medical, and hotel project, located in the most distinguished areas of the Administrative Capital in (Downtown Tourist Towers), and the total area of ​​the project is 13.5 thousand square meters.

For his part, Bassem El Sherbiny, Etqan CEO for Financial and Marketing Consultations, appreciated cooperation with Dubai Developments, one of the major companies in the Egyptian market.

He added that Itqan seeks to support all its partners in the real estate market, to provide the best real estate product and achieve the highest investment returns for the developer and clients, pointing  that Etqan team always aims to have the final outcome of the project in its best marketing and financial form.

Etqan provides a package of advisory services, including preparing comprehensive marketing research, analyzing competitors, developing a strategic vision for the project, a “branding” plan, training the sales and marketing team, developing a marketing plan and supervising its implementation.

It also provides financial advice, including developing and reviewing the financial study in all its stages, supervising the development of financial plans, preparing budgets and managing cash flows, supervising the formation and development of the company’s internal financial management team, providing technical support, following up payment and pricing systems, updating them periodically, and building a reporting system to follow up on the company’s financial performance.

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