Badie: Capital Link owns a portfolio of giant projects in the New Administrative Capital.


Capital Link, one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market, announced the launch of Kastro Villa, one of the phases of its latest Kardia project, in the R8 area of the New Administrative Capital, with a sales target of three billion pounds.

Eng. Ashraf Badie, Chairman of the Board of Directors, explained that Castro Villa is a new real estate product characterized by unique designs and high ceilings (Double Hight), in addition to the project’s distinguished location, competitive prices, and the flexible payment systems that meet purchasing power of customers. This is in addition to vast green landscape that provides distinguished privacy and luxury to its owners, and the many competitive advantages that characterize the project, ensuring it has a unique position in the real estate market.

Badie said, “The Kardia project is located in the R8 area, where the spaces of the units (Castro Villa) vary; starting from 278 to 337 meters.” Badie added: “We aim to achieve three billion pounds in contractual sales in the Kardia project.”

For the technical designs of the project, Capital Link joined forces with Eng. Mohamed Hafez, Hafez Consultants to be the main and general contractor of this project.

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The Chairman of the Board of Directors revealed that Capital Link owns a land portfolio that includes five projects in the New Administrative Capital, ranging between administrative, commercial, residential and medical (Solano, Dorado, Verona, and Laval) where all building permits are obtained.

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