B2B Real Estate Consultancy and Investment Advisory shared their growth plans and Omar El-Banna is their new CEO 


B2B Real Estate has appointed Omar El-Banna as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as part of the company’s plan to grow and attract experienced professionals in Sales, Marketing and Business Development.

Omar El-Banna has explained that B2B Real Estate will work on some main strategic initiatives to increase profitability and to keep pace with the changes in the real estate market, the main parameters would be strengthening and developing the existing team, increase the exclusive projects portfolio and to attract high professional calibers across all functions mainly within the sales team.

After hitting the 10 years mark, B2B Real Estate has celebrated its 10th anniversary by face-lifting the company’s logo and the main theme colors to cope with the market modernization, ease and speed of communication to ensure that B2B Real Estate is always a market leader within the industry.

El-Banna also explained that B2B has been able to maintain its position & reputation in the Egyptian market due to its extensive and solid expertise in research & development, thorough operational analysis, strong & long relationships with the top developers and investors and the continuous efforts to develop the skills of the workforce.

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El-Banna added that it is our pride to have such a strong team that can achieve this level of continuous success over the past ten years with all the challenges that the Egyptian market has witnessed, adding that the company owns a portfolio of exclusive projects that is exclusively represented by B2B Real Estate like Glare in New Cairo and West 11 in 6th of October city.

El-Banna also revealed the company’s expansion plan in the new administrative city, which depends on a set of conditions that must be met by all developers within the capital, such as: strong financial position and previous cumulative solid experience in the real estate market.

And on the current performance, El-Banna clarified that sales during 2022 indicated a 60% growth compared to last year and we look forward to more than double our sales team by strong experienced calibers during the last quarter of the year to have a strong start in 2023.

It is worth mentioning that Omar El-Banna held the position of Country Head for five years with Majid Al Futtaim in Egypt and six years as Director of Marketing, Sales and Business Development at Majid Al Futtaim head quarters in Dubai. El-Banna has a cumulative experience of over 25 years in managing a variety of local and multinational brands. Finally, El-Banna has an Executive MBA from the London Business School.

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