“Arabesque Development” participates in the “Egypt Property” exhibition with exclusive offers and discounts.. Units will be delivered within 6 months at a price starting from 575 thousand pounds


Dr. Abdel Hamid Al-Wazir: A jump in the real estate sector and the market covers internal and external demand

Arabesque Real Estate Development Company will participate in the Egypt Property Exhibition with a group of projects in New Cairo and the New Capital with exclusive offers and discounts and the handing over of units within 6 months for New Cairo projects at a price that starts at 575,000 pounds, for a period of 4 days at the Intercontinental City Stars Hotel in Nasr City during 19-22 August.

The company offers competitor prices in the real estate market because it believes it is necessary to provide housing units at a low price that is high, explaining that the company believes that the small gain and the rapid turnover of capital, taking into account the customer’s interest in the first place, which is connected to the unit’s cost with a low profit margin, said Dr. Abdel Hamid Al-Wazir, head of Arabesque Real Estate Development and head of the Support and Follow-up Committee of the New Cairo Developers Association.

Al-Wazir added that new projects will also be launched in New Cairo and the New Capital at the exhibition with offers and discounts during the exhibition period, as the company will launch a new project “Alcszar” in New Cairo, and another anew project in the New capital which is a multi-use mall that includes commercial, administrative and medical units, where the company offers the mall units with payment facilities up to 10 years.

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He stressed that the company focused during the next period in marketing its units on Egyptians returning from abroad, as the company aims to attract a large segment of Egyptians returning from abroad to own his housing units, explaining that what is now in the real estate market covers the demand in the internal and external market, where the real estate sector is witnessing a real estate jump.

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