(Afro-Asian) chose Nihad Farouk for Entrepreneursi


The Afro-Asian Federation chose entrepreneurship Nihad Farouk as a distinguished consultant for the Federation for Entrepreneurship due to her extensive experience in this field and her ownership of a company for development and training in entrepreneurship and coinciding with the expansion of the Federation in the development of the field of entrepreneurship

As a large organization for sustainable development in Asia and Africa, where the Federation recently made an African tour through a delegation headed by Dr. Hossam Darwish, President of the Federation, and the Egyptian doctor Ahmed Rizk, Professor of Medicine in Ain Shams, who managed to perform 50 free heart surgeries in Africa and Tanzania, where the delegation met the Tanzanian President and a number of ministers In Zanzibar, a number of joint projects were agreed upon in Egypt. Tanzania in the field of environment and green economy.

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